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Selling A House As Is For Cash

We Buy Homes Of All Kinds — New, Old, Or Damaged.

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You most likely have heard of selling your home as is for cash, but have you ever wondered what exactly that entails? Selling a house in its current condition can be a bit difficult and finding the right company to sell it to can be even harder. Good Samaritan REI is a house buying company that serves Brockton and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to help get unwanted property off your hands so that you can focus on the more important things in life. Contact us today to learn the true value of your home and to receive an obligation-free offer!

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When Should You Sell Your House As Is?

Are you on the fence about selling your house as is? Here at Good Samaritan REI, we understand that this can be a difficult decision to make. Our team strives to be there by your side throughout the entire process to ensure that you and your property are taken care of. The following is a list of circumstances in which selling your home as is may be the best option for you.


The house has extensive damage — foundational issues, termites, fire/water damage


Too Much Time

You don’t have the time to perform the needed repairs on the house.


Costs Too Much

You lack the financial ability to invest in the repairs that the house needs.


No Inquiries

The house has been on the market for some time with no inquiries.


Lengthy Process

You simply don’t want to deal with a realtor or a lengthy selling process.


Benefits Of Selling Your Home To A House Buying Company

If you have found yourself in one of the situations listed above, we highly recommend that you sell your home to a house buying company rather than trying to put it on the market either by owner or through a realtor. Why is that? Selling your home on the market comes with a lot of rules and regulations that you need to be aware of. Below are just a few of the many benefits of selling your house as is to a company that buys homes for cash — including being able to avoid liabilities.

#1 It Saves You Money

Preparing a house to be sold on the market is an investment that you need to be prepared for. The money that is necessary to perform all the needed repairs and improvements to even have a chance in a competitive market adds up extremely quickly, not to mention the money you will need to put into hiring a realtor. However, when you sell to a house buying company such as Good Samaritan REI, you can sell as is — no need to invest in a realtor or repairs. Use that hard-earned cash to start the next chapter of your life instead of spending it on something that you are trying to get rid of. Contact Good Samaritan REI today!

#2 It Saves You Time

Repairs and improvements not only take money, but they also require a lot of time. Whether you have the capability of performing these projects on your own or you hire a contractor to do them, it is going to take an extensive amount of time to get it all done. Besides repairs, selling a house on the market requires many inspections and tests that will eat up even more of your precious time. With Good Samaritan REI, no repairs or improvements are required. Our home investors come in and perform a fast and simple property valuation. Next, they will offer you an obligation-free cash offer for your house. It’s that easy!

#3 It Saves You From Possible Liability

As we mentioned before, selling a home on the market either by owner or through a realtor contains a lot of rules and regulations. Realtors are required to reveal any known issues to potential buyers. Same goes for homeowners that are selling their house without a realtor. Some people think that if they say they are selling their home as is, that they do not have to reveal any issues or concerns the property holds. Unfortunately, both a realtor and a homeowner can be held liable for concealing these problems. On the other hand, when you sell your home to a house buying company like Good Samaritan REI, you are free from those potential liabilities. We perform a property valuation and take responsibility for the property in its current condition.

#4 It Saves You From The Burden

Many people inherit a house throughout their lifetime from relatives that have passed. These houses are commonly in a different state than where the person currently resides, are old and rundown, or are unnecessary as the person already owns a house of their own. Besides inheritance, you may find yourself with old rental property or a second house that you just simply need off your hands. No matter the backstory that stuck you with the unwanted property, it doesn’t change the burden that it creates. Let our home investors at Good Samaritan REI in Brockton lift that burden. We make reasonable cash offers on houses of all kinds. Get unwanted property off your hands and off your mind so that you can focus on the more important things in life. Contact us today!

Working With Good Samaritan REI

Now that we have walked you through the benefits of selling a house as is to a home buying company, we want to share with you the advantages of working with Good Samaritan REI specifically. First off, as we mentioned above, we offer free property valuation reports to show you exactly what your house is worth in its current condition. Our home investors understand that selling a house as is does not normally mean getting top dollar for your house. In fact, selling property in its current condition is solely for those looking to get rid of unwanted property while putting in the least amount of time, money, and effort possible. Good Samaritan REI makes that possible with our simple process and fast, obligation-free cash offers on all types of houses. Contact us today to get started!  

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